1. You didn’t follow up after the first session. After the consultation you could have introduced your other services in a the thank-you e-mail.

2. You didn’t deliver on your service in the about of time you stated. If they needed it in a hurry and you didn’t provide, they won’t rely on you again.

3. Your advice didn’t do as promised. If your advice didn’t accomplish their desired goal they’re not going to think a second session will either.

4. Your client couldn’t reach you in time when they had a follow-up question. You could have added extra lines of communication.

5. Your client doesn’t want to revisit your Web site because it didn’t offer much. You could have offered more original content or freebies.

6. Your competition is offering something free with their service. You should have been more aware of how they are targeting your clients.

7. Your client forgot your Web site address. You should have given your clients your Web site information in your product package.

8. Your support staff couldn’t solve a problem they had with your practice. Your support staff should be trained to handle most problems.

9. You didn’t up-sell when they were already in the buying mood. You can always try to sell your other services when they’re ready to buy your first one.

10. Your competition offers a stronger guarantee. You must always be thinking of better ways to remove the risk from your clients.

~ by Larry Dotson

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