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The IGPC has been Serving Professional Consultants and Coaches since 1988

Mission, Purpose and Code of Ethics

IGPC Statement of Professional Excellence

It shall be the goal of the IGPC to encourage excellence in the consulting and coaching profession through:

  • A belief in and adherence to the highest standard of professional ethics.
  • Demonstrated professionalism and competence.
  • A commitment to continued development of expertise, knowledge and service.
As in all professions, growth and excellence as a consultant or coach can be achieved only through education and an adherence to ethics, standards and practices. In a field that is highly diversified and constantly changing, the need for continuing education is paramount.

Toward this end, the International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches provides numerous programs of the highest quality on a variety of subjects.

IGPC Purpose

The International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches is dedicated to furthering professionalism among consultants and coaches  through programs and support services that enhance both the quality of services provided to their clients and the profitability of their consulting and coaching practices.

The International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches addresses the needs of its members through professional certification, development seminars and workshops, a comprehensive website presence, the distribution of printed materials as well as individual coaching.

Consultants and Coaches who become IGPC Members have the many and varied services and benefits of the association at their personal disposal. These services and benefits are carefully structured to guide and enhance the professionalism of the members.

The objectives of the International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches are:

  • To establish ethical standards by which member consultants and coaches may guide their professional conduct;
  • To improve the individual skills of members in the marketing of their services and the management of their practices;
  • To educate members in the use of systems to bring greater efficiency and profitability to their individual practices;
  • To improve members’ skills in order to enhance the quality of services they provide to their clients;
  • To provide members with useful group benefits; and
  • To assist members in their goal of providing profitable, professional consulting and coaching services.
The IGPC sponsors local meetings, seminars and workshop events (online and offline) that allow members to meet, share and exchange ideas and information. These meetings are of vital importance in a profession where change occurs frequently. International Guild members benefit from and enjoy the opportunity to meet with and learn from their peers.

By staying abreast of trends and changes that affect consulting and coaching as professions, IGPC members can be assured of remaining current in their knowledge and skills, and be well prepared to offer the best possible service to their clients.

The International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches is an international, interdisciplinary organization, serving professional consultants and coaches in every area of specialization.

The IGPC is a non-profit association managed by a Board of Governors that welcomes input from the membership.

IGPC Statement of Professional Ethics

In all of their professional relationships, members shall deal candidly and fairly with facts. They will perform faithfully all services agreed upon and will conform to all oral or written agreements with their clients in a manner that will strengthen and uphold the calling.

Members will undertake to render services only on matters for which, by normal standards, they are qualified. Where necessary to delegate functions to another, they shall do so only to persons qualified by normal standards.

Money or other trust property of the client coming into custody of a member shall not become mingled with the member’s private property, nor shall it be used by him or her except as instructed by the client.

All information concerning a client’s business and affairs, furnished to a member in the course of his or her professional employment, shall be considered and held confidential. It shall not be disclosed or used adversely to the client during or subsequent to employment unless such disclosure is authorized by the client or required by law.

No member shall undertake to serve conflicting interests except with the express consent of all parties after full disclosure of all facts. Members shall not place themselves in the position of contending for, on the behalf of one client, that which duty to another client requires them to oppose.

In all matters and things not specified, members shall uphold the honor and professionalism of their calling.

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