Would you like your sales to go through the roof?

Of course you would. Who wouldn’t?

I have found five secret “keys” that dramatically improve the money-making ability of just about ANY sales message.

This discovery came from writing hundreds of successful sales messages myself, and helping thousands of other people improve their own skills at writing successful advertising sales copy.

I’ve also found every time someone else gets better results from what I have taught them, my own life improves. With that in mind, here are the five secret “keys” for you to use and profit from:

SECRET 1: Focus your advertising sales copy on ACTION.

Begin by getting crystal-clear on the action you want your prospect to take. If it’s to buy, then keep that in mind as you write. Also, write in an “action” frame of mind. That means use action words: walk, run, reach, touch, grab, pull, put in your pocket.

Here’s another action secret. In your imagination, figure out how to move obstacles out of the way, so your prospect’s clear path to action is unobstructed and easy to follow. And make it easy for your prospects to take the action you want them to take.

SECRET 2: Don’t sell your product!

I know that sounds contrary to common sense. But I promise you will make far more sales if you visualize your product as a SOLUTION to your prospect’s most pressing problem… or picture your product as the way to make the prospect’s fondest DREAM come true… or even describe your product as the answer to becoming the PERSON the prospect most wants to be.


– Solution to problem: “Tired of copy that doesn’t close? With our system, you’ll be writing killer copy every time!”

– Dream come true: “Here’s how to create a Web site that makes money for you every single day!”

– Become the person: “How would you like to become one of the High Earners on the Web?”

SECRET 3: Provide proof of your promises.

Beginning copywriters need to face this fact, and experienced copywriters need to be reminded:

No one is going to believe a single word you write.

Until you provide proof, that is.

Types of proof that work include simple facts that back up your promise; testimonials showing how your product actually did for someone what you say it can do for the prospect; reasons why your product can do what you say it can do; case studies showing results; and a summary of your own track record, showing you know what you’re talking about.

SECRET 4: Let your critics go wild.

Did you know that really good copy gets as many “thumbs down” as it gets “thumbs up?”

It’s true. Here’s why:

Really good copy spurs EMOTIONS in the people who read it. Some of those people – the ones who want what you have – will experience the emotions of desire and excitement.

But at the same time, other people – those who DON’T want what you’re offering – may find that your provocative copy stirs feelings of distrust, discomfort, even outrage!

Don’t worry about it! As long as your copy is legal and ethical, it doesn’t matter whether everyone likes it or not. You don’t need or want the approval of people who wouldn’t buy from you anyway.

Remember: If you’re making sales, those sales are the only compliments you should be looking for.

SECRET 5: Tell it like it is.

Notice: I didn’t say WRITE it like it is. I said TELL it like it is!

What’s the difference?

It’s simple. I’m telling you to write copy the same way you would talk about what you’re selling when your intention and confidence is high, and you’re excited!

You can even record yourself making a live, spoken sales pitch; transcribe it; edit it; and use the transcript as some of your hottest sales copy.

You see, great advertising sales copy is nothing more than a red-hot sales presentation in written form. The more your copy reads like you’re having a live, high-energy conversation with your prospect, the better your chances will be of long-lasting sales success!

~ by David Garfinkel. David is well known as “the world’s greatest copywriting coach.” He has written sales letters, ads and Web sites that have brought in millions of dollars, and, just as important, he has helped thousands of other people learn to do the same for themselves. David is author of Killer Copy Tactics and Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich.  Catch up with David at Overnight Marketing

7 Ways to be a Great Speaker

1. Be Yourself

It’s great to watch other successful speakers, to see what they do and how they do it. To be a great speaker in your own right requires you to develop your own style, to speak using your own voice. Be yourself when you speak and you can’t help but be successful.

2. Be Bold

You might think that it takes boldness just to stand up and start talking, and it does, but there are plenty of speakers out there who come across like timid mice. Be bold as a speaker, confident in your abilities. Practice every day, give speeches whenever you can.

3. Be different

Successful speakers aren’t like everybody else. There’s something that sets them apart. Makes them stand out. They’re the speakers who do more than just stand in the front of the room and talk at you.

4. Be funny

Successful speakers know how to be funny, that is: they know when and where to use humor in their presentations… and they aren’t afraid to do so.

5. Be engaging

Listening to a speech is, for most people, a passive activity. Successful speakers involve their audiences and converse with them so that it’s a conversation, not a talking-to.

6. Be positive

No matter what the subject, successful speakers are always positive with their audiences. They help their audiences learn what to do as opposed to what NOT to do. They focus on the upside, not the downside.

7. Be challenging.

Lastly, great speakers always challenge their audiences to do great things. And again, it doesn’t matter what the subject. A successful speaker gives you the know-how and the challenge to make your life more enjoyable and more rewarding everyday.

~ by Jim Allen,  Jim Allen is a speaker and coach who helps people uncover BIG IDEAS to help them turn small steps into giant leaps!

The moment he asked the question I knew I wouldn’t be able to answer it as easily as one might think. My friend Winston asked me if I could recommend a book to him that would assist him with achieving his goals. My response was “I can recommend several!”

Winston is an avid reader and someone, like you, who is always looking to improve and grow. Excitedly he said, “send me a list”. Rather than let him have all the fun, I wrote the list here so you can benefit as well.

1. The Greatest Salesman In The World The Greatest Salesman In The World

Except for The Bible, no book has impacted my life as greatly as The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino. This book is full of strategies that not only work, they are easy to apply. So many books teach a process that works for the author but don’t translate to the reader as well. This is not one of them. This book teaches you how to focus, have the right attitude, and how to truly achieve your goals. It’s inspiring and easy to read. It forces you to remember what you’ve learned so that you can apply them daily. Read it once a year.




2. Think & Grow Rich Think & Grow Rich

I’m shocked by how many entrepreneurs and leaders haven’t read this book. This is required reading if there ever was any. A classic written by Napoleon Hill in the 1930’s, it’s just as important today as it was then. In fact, I’d argue it’s more helpful and needed now than during the Great Depression when it was originally published. Hill’s principles of success are universal and the examples he shares of who used them effectively also happen to be some of history’s greatest leaders.




3. As A Man Thinketh As A Man Thinketh

Right up there with The Greatest Salesman In The World, this book has impacted my life and business in a tremendous way. As a leader, everything starts with you. You start with your thoughts. If you don’t get control of your thoughts and habits, you’ll be an ineffective leader. This book is powerful and challenging. It will push you outside of your comfort zone and that’s a good thing.





4. Man’s Search For Meaning Mans Search For Meaning

This powerful book from Victor Frankl will pull at your heart. It will leave you with a new perspective on handling problems. Frankl tells how he survived a Nazi death camp and in doing so outlines how to keep focused and find purpose in all that we do. How does this book help you as a leader? You’re going to face challenges. How you react to those challenges will determine your effectiveness as a leader. Learning how to focus your thoughts during difficult times is a skill as leaders must acquire.




5. The Dip The Dip

Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors and this is without a doubt his most under-rated book. How long do you hang onto that idea or project before jumping to plan B? Godin tells you in The Dip. A short book that won’t take you more than an hour to read but will benefit you for years to come. You’ve faced ups and downs as a leader, now you’ll know when to stick with an idea and when it’s best to move on.





6. Psycho-Cybernetics Psycho-Cybernetics

A horrible title for a book that is one of the most helpful books every written. Dr. Maxwell Maltz writes in a way that you feel like he’s only talking to you. If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to believe in you either. Maltz educates on how to create and re-define your identity and self-worth. I’ve struggled with low self-esteem for the majority of my life. This book has helped me in that area more than any other. It is a life-saver.





7. The Art Of Selfishness The Art Of Selfishness

This little-known book was written by Dr. David Seabury decades ago. Don’t let the title fool you. This book is NOT about getting your own way all the time. It’s about not being a victim when it comes to your success. It dives deep into how to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. Each chapter is more powerful than the next. Very few people of today’s generation know about this book. Those who do have a huge advantage in business and life.





8. The Success System That Never Fails The Success System That Never Fails

Can there be a self-improvement book that is practical and not full of cheesy inspirational quotes? There can and there is. W. Clement Stone wrote one of the most effective books of all time. It’s simple. It’s easy to understand the concepts. It flat out works. Leaders should read it, apply it, and teach it to their team.






9. Thou Shall Prosper Thou Shall Prosper

What does a book about money, written by a Rabbi, have to do with leadership? The answer is everything. If you can’t manage an inanimate object such as money, how can you expect to manage people? This book is the best book on money that I’ve ever read. Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains how to think about money and how to use money for good. Bonus: it’s the easiest to read book on finance I’ve come across. The rest bore me to death.





10. Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

At number ten is a book written by two authors already on this list. Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone co-wrote what is possibly their best work. As a leader, if your attitude isn’t right nothing else will be either. Attitude is contagious. Those you are leading not only expect a good attitude from you, they demand it. If you think your attitude is fine and that you don’t need to read an entire book on it, then you are who needs to read this book the most.




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